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A joint degree allows you to study multiple subjects throughout your time at university and graduate in two or three subjects. Full-time fee: £15,500 per year. Rep:? The course will begin with an overview of the genres under consideration; thereafter you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in three different genres in workshops dedicated to each specialism. This module introduces you to the histories of relocation, encounter, empire, and migration, which have all shaped our world. Joint Honours in English and History is a cross-disciplinary course, which develops and assesses skills that are common to both disciplines alongside others that are specific to each. English Literature and History are versatile subjects which can lead to a variey of exciting career paths. 0. reply. The unit is interdisciplinary in nature as a means to unpack cinema and representations of the near past, constructions of the near future and the meanings and pleasures of nostalgia in this context. The three genres on offer will vary each year depending on staff, but could include historical fiction, crime fiction, fantasy writing and science fiction. English units focus on the major genres of drama, prose, fiction and poetry, covering literary periods from the 17th century to the present, with a strong emphasis on the literature and culture of the last two centuries. Pilgrimage, whether to an international site like Jerusalem or Rome, or to a local chapel or holy well, was one of the most popular acts of devotion in the middle ages. on how the University is operating during the current COVID-19 Please follow the links below each one to hear from our students who have studied these combinations. Terms and Conditions The breadth of academic expertise at Leeds allows you to combine your study of English with a wide range of subjects. The course will provide students with the opportunity to explore the possibilities of comparative history for a better and more nuanced understanding of the past. latest online learning technology. Joint honours. national/transnational cinemas, star studies, women's cinema). For further information on when we This unit explores a women’s history of North America from colonial times to the Civil War. For joint honours degrees, one department will act as the ‘lead’ or ‘home’ department. This unit examines the history of terrorist violence since 1918. All of the subjects listed can be studied as part of a joint honours degree. This unit focusses on the development of the Enlightenment in Great Britian and France, and the long-term drive towards revolutionary change in both nations. Assessing how different social groups fared in the Third Reich, the unit will reveal policies of the Nazi dictatorship that made it appear incredibly dynamic, popular and modern. It will consider political developments, for example reasons behind a widening, and female, suffrage; monarchy, and why it was necessary to reinvent itself; transport and technology. Did you know, for instance, that the Nazis tried to wage war on cancer; that they offered Aryans package holidays, cheap cars and cruises; or that they generated six million jobs for out-of-work Germans? You also have the option to study abroad for a term in the second year. Our modules span the globe, encompassing over two millennia of history … This unit offers a chronological introduction to British literature and society in the period 1660-1789. The unit will allow for the identification of similarities, differences and transnational connections among different events and nations. This unit offers students the chance to get some 'real world' experience of the uses and applications of History, putting into practice some of the knowledge and expertise developed at level 4. Examines the course and development of Anglo-American diplomatic, political and military strategic relations from 1945. With a particular focus on the connections between civil war and revolution, the course will provide students with the opportunity to explore the possibilities of comparative history for a better and more nuanced understanding of the past. [1] Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017/18; First Degree responders from History. You can specialise and develop your own interests, whilst still exploring new areas of study and acquiring a … This unit highlights the impact, value and use of history and history degrees through working in the expanding Public History sector, and how historical skills can be valuable in the general workplace and beyond university. This unit introduces students to writing for the games industry, supporting students in producing a game-related piece of creative work. Muslims and Christians fought each other, but they also lived, worked, played and even prayed together in surprising and little known ways. This course explores the ways in which the Cold War made an impact on society, gender and sexuality in both East and West. This unit provides an analytical study of a range of twenty and twenty-first century games, both analogue and digital. You may focus on an academic subject or work with an external partner. Through our links with the Careers Centre, you can source potential employers and help with CVs and letters of application. Students on our Communications at Work module also undertake a short placement to explore the ways in which the skills and knowledge gained in their studies have direct application to the workplace. It will also consider key influences on the ideologies that fuelled violence, including religious discrimination, famine, class antagonism and cultural revival. of lectures, seminars and practical sessions, and independent You may be eligible for a scholarship or bursary to help pay for your study. Preliminary research will generate a detailed proposal, which will form the basis of a guided independent research-based project to produce an extended piece of work that presents a thesis. In your first and second years, you will have a mix of lectures (which can be quite large) and seminars. Examinations of the most significant and sometimes extraordinary theological, political, societal, and military challenges, which the Latin West compelled Byzantium to confront during this period, form the heart of the unit. The joint honours degree in English Literature and History provides you with the opportunity of specialising in two university honours subjects. This unit explores its history from the formation of the state in the fourth millennium BC to the conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 BC. You will work with a supervisor to define an independent project on an appropriate topic of your choosing. This course teaches you to solve complex problems through independent critical thinking, use varied sources of information to form conclusions, and present your arguments both verbally and in writing. It considers the 'paradox' of Medieval Scotland, unconquered but heavily influenced by the south, and the ultimately unsuccessful attempts of Edward I and Edward II to subjugate the Scots. Prices vary but many are cheaply available and set texts are often available online for no cost. It shows employers that you’re ready to get to work. You'll be able to tell if a degree is a joint honours as it will say "and" in the course title. What relationship does it have to the condition of modernity/ postmodernity? We will look at popular perceptions of Mary as Bloody Mary and ask if Elizabeth I was really a virgin Queen. This unit will examine chronologically-ordered case studies, with a broad scope addressing different geographical areas, and events related to the phenomena of revolution in the twentieth century. It is an opportunity to develop core skills and explore how this course can relate to the graduate world. Find out more about financing your studies and whether you may qualify for one of our bursaries and scholarships, Dedicated funding and support for first generation students, Studying a joint honours degree gives you the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in two subjects.

, further information for international students, changes section of our Terms and Conditions, Year 1 30% lectures, seminars or similar; 70% independent study, Year 2 30% lectures, seminars or similar; 70% independent study, Year 4 10% lectures, seminars or similar; 90% independent study. Studying English as a joint honours degree with another subject, gives you the opportunity to combine your varied interests and apply what you learn across both subjects. This unit offers students an opportunity for close reading, translation and analytical commentary on a text or set of texts from the Roman, Late Antique or early Medieval world. This unit traces the concept of subjectivity as it unfolds in theoretical, cultural and literary texts from the late 19th, through to the early 20th Centuries. The French suffered repression, discrimination and persecution, as Vichy and the Germans sought to stamp out opposition and mould the nation to their own political vision. Students will develop an understanding of the key historical influences of migrations and invasions during this period; understanding how this historical period influenced the creation of English national identity. This joint honours course aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of the relationship between these distinct but complementary subjects. You will explore areas related to your potential interests, but please note: the topics and subjects on offer can vary year to year. Please note that all modules are subject to change. English Language & Literature and History, are ranked within the World Top 100 (QS World Rankings 2020). Tuition fees will remain the same for each year of your course providing you complete it in the normal timeframe (no repeat years or breaks in study). York’s English and History degree is renowned for its flexible and innovative approach. As a graduate you will have a broad range of transferable skills, including the ability to think clearly and critically, to communicate with confidence and work effectively both individually and as part of a team. This unit will provide in-depth analysis of German society during the Third Reich. And what happens when these expectations fail? So, we will dispense with supposed binaries (gay/straight, man/woman, progress/ persecution) and instead focus on how historical constructions of 'normal' and 'natural' have changed since 1900. qualifications. This course takes a comparative and contemporary approach to the study of literature and history. Our academics have published research on everything from medieval poetry to contemporary Caribbean and American fiction. The unit will allow for the identification of similarities, differences and transnational connections among different events and nations.Â. It assesses the changing nature of society, before, during and after the First World War. It is an opportunity to read a range of European and Russian/Soviet literary and theoretical texts in translation. This online prospectus provides an overview of our programmes of study This unit examines the history of the Normans, one of the most dynamic people of the middle ages. It looks at how the kings of England developed their power and came to be rulers of all of Wales and much of Ireland, and how their rule created new societies. This department is responsible for the administrative aspects of your course. We regularly update our online prospectus so that The subject will engage with your enthusiasm for reading and literature and introduce you to advanced critical thinking in the form of theoretical practice. Discover a thousand years of history whilst experiencing all the specialist areas on offer at the University of Reading. It will provide a detailed study of the political, social, cultural and economic aspects of Spanish history in the 20th Century. You may also want to study abroad if you are not a language student. Additionally, these modules develop a wide range of interpersonal, organisational, presentational and research skills readily transferable to other areas of employment. the gothic, queer cinema, art-house narrative) and other theoretical approaches to cinema (e.g. This topic-based unit introduces a range of cinematic modes, movements and genres, whose formal, historical and cultural properties will be analysed. It explores the political and religious tensions in the kingdoms, the causes of the wars, and the revolutionary political systems that emerged following the execution of Charles I in 1649. In the light of feedback from tutor and peers, each individual of the group will then write an individual version of the narrative framework for the group-devised story. See our information on living costs for more details. This unit explores the everyday lives and concerns of 'the other 99%' of the populations of the Ancient world. This unit will explore the complex world of Rome and its 'barbarian' neighbours, from the early days of the Republic to the rise of the Empire. Select Reading as your firm choice on UCAS and we'll guarantee you a place even if you don't quite meet your offer. Our joint honours BA History and English Literature course allows you to explore the richness of English literature alongside the great variety of human history around the world. This unit undertakes a critical analysis of the differing entertainment genres of contemporary global TV (drama, documentary, news, reality programming etc) and the medium's articulation both of ideological context and debates in identity formation. This unit explores the relationships between literary and artistic form, language and politics with reference to a range of theoretical, critical and literary texts from the nineteenth century to the late twentieth century, many of which were considered to be shocking, subversive or revolutionary. Please check back to the In both English and History, you’ll learn through a programme of seminars, lectures, workshops, and one-to-one consultations. We work closely with … There is also the opportunity to engage in further study and professional training, for example some of our graduates go on to study MA English Studies at postgraduate level where you have the opportunity to build your own bespoke masters experience, reflecting your interests in the further study of English. But you will also encounter aspects of literary studies that may be less familiar to you, from children’s literature to publishing studies and the history of the book.

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