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Ron (and Lucio’s friends) tra grandi classici, ricordi da condividere ed emozioni ricercate che non sempre arrivano. Adriano scandalizza il pubblico voltandogli le spalle, e girandosi solo dopo il cambio di tempo dell'orchestra, ma la sua 24 mila baci arriva seconda (vince Al di là, cantata da Luciano Tajoli e Betty Curtis), pur arrivando prima in classifica per cinque settimane ed in quarta posizione in Vallonia nelle Fiandre, vendendo nelle settimane successive mezzo milione di copie. Rinaldo was the first Handel Opera to have found its way to the Metropolitan. In 1717 William Babell issued an arrangement for harpsichord of the overture and seven of the arias. The magician then gives them magic wands that transcend Armida's power, and they set off again. In Rome, Handel met Cardinal Vincenzo Grimani, a diplomat and spare-time librettist;[10] the result of this meeting was a collaboration which produced Handel's second Italian opera, Agrippina. Sulla scia del successo Ron pubblicherà lo stesso anno Superbest , una raccolta dei suoi principali successi. Ron, ospite a “Una storia da cantare”, ... “Ottima esibizione”, il commento su ‘Cara’. He stayed for long periods in Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice, making frequent visits to the opera houses and concert halls. This time they overcome the monsters, but as they reach the gates of the palace it disappears, leaving them clinging to a rock in the midst of a stormy sea. La prima edizione del Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo nel 1951. Steele compared the production unfavourably to a Punch and Judy show, particularly criticising certain bungled scene changes and the poor quality of effects such as thunder and lightning. Gramophone's reviewer called this issue "a treat for Handel lovers – a rare recording of one of the composer's richest operas, with a strong and starry cast". Alessia Cara canta How Far I’ll Go, la colonna sonora di Oceania. Handel went on to dominate opera in England for several decades. [15] Hill employed an Italian poet and language teacher, Giacomo Rossi, to write a libretto based on a scenario that Hill prepared himself. He also comments on the problems raised for scholars by the extensive revisions to the music that took place during Handel's lifetime, but suggests that the available admixture creates interesting opportunities in the preparation of modern performing versions. [27] Hogarth made light of such comments: "Notwithstanding the influence which the Spectator influenced over the taste and manners of the age, its attacks ... seem to have had little effect in turning people from the entertainment". [15], In London, by means which are not documented, Handel secured a commission to write an Italian opera for the Queen's Theatre in the Haymarket (it became the "King's Theatre" after King George I's accession in 1714). The production was advertised "With New Scenes and Cloathes", but many of the changes involved reducing or eliminating the pyrotechnics and special effects that had characterised the original production. She decides on another attempt to ensnare Rinaldo, and transforms herself back into Almirena's shape, but then encounters Argante. Price also points to the likely influences on the structure of Rinaldo from two British semi-operas—George Granville's The British Enchanters, and Purcell's King Arthur. Other arias not listed may have been sung in Rinaldo during the years 1711–17, but in the absence of contemporary evidence from scores or librettos the extent of such changes cannot be accurately ascertained. Al Festival di Fazio, nella serata di venerdì 21, quella dei duetti, Ron canterà da Cara di Dalla. Almirena urges Rinaldo to fight boldly and assure victory. Cette nouvelle page Cara-chansons présente mes compositions sous une forme plus dépouillée par rapport aux enregistrements avec le groupe Carapate. Rosalino Cellamare: chitarra-voce. They were remembered and written down by William Babell, and published later as separate pieces. [40] Le 10 canzoni più belle di Lucio Dalla: dal 1962 al 2012, 50 anni di emozioni trasmesse dal cantante bolognese. [23][35] The first American performance was a concert version at Carnegie Hall on 27 March 1972, given by the Handel Society of New York, with Stephen Simon conducting and Beverly Wolff as Rinaldo. This production was well received by the public, but was criticised by Jochen Breiholz of Opera News for poor staging, indifferent singing and a substandard performance from the orchestra. [53] The work, recorded in a Paris church, was based on the 1711 score; Alan Blyth in Gramophone praised the standard of the singing, and despite reservations about the sound quality, called it one of the most enjoyable of available Handel opera recordings. Changes in taste and style combined, as Grout concludes, to "thrust [the operas] into ill-deserved oblivion",[3] as a result of which Rinaldo was not staged anywhere for two hundred years.[23]. Il 27 Febbraio del 2000 Ron festeggia i suoi trent’anni di carriera e la Rai 2 propone uno spettacolo in prima serata dal titolo “Una citta’ per cantare”, dove insieme ai suoi amici e colleghi piu’ cari ripercorrera’ momenti della sua carriera. Feind's German versions of the libretto were published in Hamburg in 1715, 1723 and 1727. [25], After 1716–17, Rinaldo was not seen on the London stage until 1731, when it was revived in its revised form at the King's Theatre. A further 12 performances were immediately scheduled; at the end of the run, popular demand was such that two more were added. During these years Handel's industry was such that he was producing a new opera for this theatre every nine months. The opera reached Australia in 1999, at the Sydney Opera House under Patrick Summers,[41] and was performed there again in July–August 2005 under Trevor Pinnock, with Michael Chance as Rinaldo. The only significant new music in the 1731 production is a long accompanied recitative for Rinaldo, though other numbers are changed or cut. After this work's triumphant premiere at the Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo in Venice, on 26 December 1709, Handel became, says biographer P. H. Lang, "world famous and the idol of a spoiled and knowledgeable audience". Découvrez Cara a Cara (De "Cara a Cara") de The Classic String Orchestra sur Amazon Music. “Lucio”, il nuovo album di Ron che omaggia Lucio Dalla Il disco contiene “Almeno pensami”.Guarda il video! Hill invented a new heroine, Almirena, to provide the main love interest with the hero Rinaldo, and the relationship between Rinaldo and Armida scarcely figures in the opera. 1979 (pubblicato fine 78) LUCIO DALLA . The music for the war and pageantry scenes, they say, is "brilliantly successful", but in depicting the scenes concerned with magic, Handel misses the mark; they suggest it was not until over 15 years later, with Admeto and Orlando, that he was able to represent the supernatural convincingly in music. A short "Italian Dialogue" he had written in honour of Queen Anne's birthday was well received when performed at St James's Palace on 6 February 1711. As she departs, a herald announces the approach of Argante from the city. [42], During the opera's tercentenary year in 2011, the Glyndebourne Festival mounted a new production directed by Robert Carsen, designed by Gideon Davey, and conducted by Ottavio Dantone with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in the pit. Rinaldo mourns the loss of his loved one. [8] Handel's first Italian opera, Rodrigo, showed an incomplete grasp of Italian style, with much of Keiser's Hamburg influence still evident; it was not a success when premiered in Florence, in late November or early December 1707. Stella di mare. The opera was mounted sporadically over the following thirty years; after a successful run at New York's Metropolitan Opera in 1984, performances and recordings of the work have become more frequent worldwide. Scopriamo di più sulla vita privata di Tosca. Ron canta Lucio! Testi delle canzoni di Ron. Eustazio surmises that the king fears defeat; this seems to be confirmed when Argante, after a grandiose entrance, requests a three-day truce to which Goffredo graciously assents. [51], The libretto was published in London by the Queen's Theatre in February 1711, to coincide with the premiere, with Hill's English translation. Seguiamo la lotta di Alex per guadagnarsi l’indipendenza, trovare l’amore e realizzare il suo sogno – ballare alla Scuola di Danza di Pittsburgh. 1 by Karlin Love, 13c: Lute News (including music supplement) Members: £3.00 [23] Armida's act 3 duet with Argante was the last duet with bass part that Handel wrote for 30 years. He hesitates, unsure what to do, and his companions attempt to restrain him. Ecco alcuni dei pezzi più belli del cantante bolognese morto 4 anni fa a Montreux. [5] Over the next three years Handel composed three more operas in the German style, but all of these are now lost. [30] Addison may have been motivated by his own failure, a few years previously, to establish a school of English opera with Rosamund, on which he had collaborated with the composer Thomas Clayton. [44] A concert version of Rinaldo was given at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, by the Bach Collegium Japan conducted by Masaaki Suzuki, with the Japanese soprano Maki Mori as Almirena. Aspettando che cali il sipario, la direzione artistica del Festival saluta il cantante degli Skiantos: 'Mancherai a noi sbarbi e sbarbine che ti hanno conosciuto'. "Or la tromba" is praised for the brilliance of its orchestration: 4 trumpets, drums, strings & oboes—the only aria Handel ever wrote for this combination. [23], In a letter dedicating the new opera to Queen Anne, Hill wrote of his choice of story: "I could not chuse a finer Subject than the celebrated story of Rinaldo and Armida". Category People & Blogs; Movie Moana (2016) Song Tranquilla! Professionalmente parlando, Tosca è ormai un nome importante della musica italiana e non solo. Ignoring the magician's warning that they will need special powers, the pair set off for the palace but are quickly driven back by Armida's monsters. The scene changes to a garden, with fountains and birds, where Rinaldo and Almirena are celebrating their love. [52], The first full recording of Rinaldo (an "excerpts" disc had preceded it by two years) was made in 1977 by CBS, with Carolyn Watkinson in the title role, Ileana Cotrubaș as Almirena, and Jean-Claude Malgoire conducting La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy. 27 nov. 2017 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. [47] According to Dean and Knapp, no Italian opera heard in London to that point had been supported by such "majestic" orchestral forces. [11], This sudden recognition led to eager competition for Handel's services. "Characters go up and down on-stage escalators, and the set spins to show various areas of the lounge and terminal. They are interrupted as Armida appears, and wrests Almirena from Rinaldo's embrace. [28] Under Hill's successors the opera was played at the theatre in most seasons until 1716–17, by which time it had totalled 47 performances, far more than any other opera at the Queen's. Written in soprano clef, now sung by a contralto, This part was eliminated before the 1717 revival, and is often omitted from modern productions, Contralto in 1731 revival, now usually bass, Contralto in 1731 revival, now usually soprano, In some productions the woman's lines are sung by a mermaid, Mermaids, spirits, fairies, officers, guards, attendants, "Sovra balze scoscesi e pungenti" (Goffredo), "Scherzano sul tuo volto" (Duet: Almirena and Rinaldo), "Fermati!/No, crudel!" [26] Il film brilla grazie alle canzoni degli anni ’80, fra cui la n°1 nella hit parade “Flashdance – What a Feeling” cantata da Irene Cara e “Maniac” cantata da Michael Sembello. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. Un conxunto aberto, unha banda 2.0 na que músicos habituais e intérpretes ocasionais únense para manter viva a tradición, o son e a emoción da foliada. [18] Sadie raises the question of whether the opera's dramaturgy is affected by the small amount of music written for its particular situations. A Banda das Crechas é a faciana dun universo colectivo que comezamos a construír entre todos hai vinte e sete anos arredor da conversa, da arte, da música ao vivo, do amor polo propio e a curiosidade polo alleo na Casa das Crechas. Francesco da Milano fantasias 68-70, 6c, Marco dall’Aquila, 3 cara cossa settings, 6c, Allemande from J.S. Rinaldo (HWV 7) is an opera by George Frideric Handel, composed in 1711, and was the first Italian language opera written specifically for the London stage. This production was criticised by critic and music scholar Stanley Sadie, in his review of the live recording, for straying too far from the composer's original intentions, particularly in the rearrangement of material and the extent of cuts. [1] The opera's tercentenary in 2011 brought a modernized production at the Glyndebourne Festival. Lang believes that in spite of the borrowings, and the hasty manner in which the work was put together, Rinaldo is one of Handel's great operas. RON CANTA "CARA" DI LUCIO DALLA, A SANREMO 2014 VIDEO STREAMING E FOTO. [23] Dean and Knapp's verdict is more equivocal. [48] The harpsichord solos which decorate "Vo' far guerra" in act 2 were originally improvised on the keyboard by Handel during performances, and were extremely popular. When he angrily rejects her she uses her powers to assume Almirena's form, but Rinaldo suspects trickery, and departs. [23] The suitability of some of these insertions has been questioned by later commentators; Dean and Knapp cite Argante's "Sibillar gli angui", with its references to the hissing snakes of Alecto and the howls of Scylla, as "ludicrously inappropriate" to accompany the king's grand act 1 entrance. Minor changes, transpositions, and alterations to recitative sections are not shown. RON, CARRIERA E VITA PRIVATA - Nella rosa dei 22 Big in gara a Sanremo 2017 ci saranno volti giovani, come Elodie, Lodovica Comello e Michele Bravi e tanti veterani della musica italiana, tra i quali, ad esempio Ron.Il cantautore italiano, che mancava dal Festival di Sanremo dal 2014, tornerà per la settima volta sul palco del Teatro Ariston con il brano L’ottava meraviglia. Armida, accepting her defeat, breaks the wand which is the source of her evil power and together with Argante embraces Christianity. [49], The main musical numbers from the 1711 libretto are listed, together with changes and replacements from the two major revisions of 1717 and 1731. Canzonissima è da poco terminata che ecco incombere la dodicesima edizione del Festival di Sanremo, alla quale Johnny Dorelli partecipa con due canzoni: la prima (Buongiorno amore) cantata in coppia con Betty Curtis, mentre la seconda (L'ombrellone) presentata con Gloria Christian. They climb the rock and descend out of sight. Cara. A mountainside, at the magician's cavern. In June 1711 Walsh published a fuller version, which included instrumental parts; he continued to publish versions of individual numbers, with a variety of orchestrations, until the 1730s. Ron Intervista Lucio!! [54] There was no further recording of Rinaldo available until 1990, when John Fisher's heavily cut version from La Fenice was issued. [30] Addison did, however, praise the singing of Nicolò Grimaldi, the celebrated alto castrato known as "Nicolini", in the title role. The first 20th-century production of Rinaldo which can be specifically verified was a performance in London, in February 1933, by pupils of the Hammersmith Day Continuation School,[23] though Dean and Knapp mention a shortened version, in Czech, at the Prague Conservatory in 1923. Ho fatto in tempo a vedere Lucio Dalla dal vivo per ben due volte, e a ripensarci mi ritengo piuttosto fortunato. [16] This theatre, designed and built by Sir John Vanbrugh, had become London's main opera house; its manager, Aaron Hill, intended to mount the first Italian opera written specifically for London and had engaged an all-Italian company for the 1710–11 opera season. [48] Critic Anthony Hicks describes the music, overall, as both "varied and excellent". Rinaldo and Almirena celebrate their love and forthcoming marriage. [37] Eighteen months later, on 19 January 1984 Bernardi and Corsaro, with Horne, Ramey and Benita Valente from the Ottawa cast, brought the production to New York for the work's debut at the Metropolitan Opera. [13] By 1711, informed London audiences had become familiar with the nature of Italian opera through the numerous pastiches and adaptations that had been staged. From this simple tune and plain accompaniment Handel achieves an "intensely moving effect" in this, the best-known of all the arias. Likewise, the affair between Argante and Armida is Hill's creation, as are the conversions to Christianity, the latter possibly a sop to English susceptibilities. Nient’altro da aggiungere, solo da ascoltare. From these acquaintances Handel learned the essential characteristics of Italian music, in particular (according to Dean and Knapp) "fluency in the treatment of Italian verse, accurate declamation and flexible harmonic rhythm in recitative, ... drawing the necessary distinction between vocal and instrumental material and, above all, the release of [his] wonderful melodic gift". Tra la fine degli anni 60 e gli inzi dei 70 la cantante francese ha vissuto in Italia momenti di grossa popolarità. In the city, Argante and Armida, in danger from a common enemy, become reconciled and prepare their troops for battle. Découvrez le CD Scarlatti, Alessandro La folia, cantatas / lynne dawson, purcell quartet proposé par le vendeur melomaan au prix de 6.39 € sur CDandLP - Ref:119173234 A sea shore. A pastiche of the opera, with additional numbers by Leonardo Leo, was presented by Leo at the Royal Court in Naples in 1718, with Nicolini singing his original role. HHA has also produced a complete score of the 1731 version. All about the band Cara, tourdates, CDs, news and info. After 1731, however, the opera was not staged for more than 200 years. Thus Goffredo had originally been an alto part, but in the 1717 revisions became a tenor; the Magician was transposed from alto castrato to bass, and Armida from soprano to contralto. Details of these changes are difficult to establish since the performing librettos and scores for these years no longer exist. Its premiere at the Queen's Theatre on 24 February 1711, possibly under Handel's direction, was a triumphant success. Song information for Cara a Cara - Maurizio Bassi, Cesare Chiodo, Giorgio Cocilovo, Sergio Dalma, Steve Ferrone, Anna Paola Francia, David Garfield, Fabio Perversi on AllMusic Vorrei Incontrarti Fra Cent'Anni è una canzone di Ron, cantata assieme a Tosca al Festival Di Sanremo 1996 e vincitrice della manifestazione davanti a La Terra Dei Cachi degli Elio e Le Storie Tese. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar. [25] The first modern professional performance was at the Halle Opera House in June 1954, under Horst-Tanu Margraf, as part of the Handel Festival. Giaches de Wert (1535–1596) Cara la vita mia Primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci, Venezia 1558. New numbers introduced in 1717 and 1731 are listed separately. In the years following the premiere, he made numerous amendments to the score. Traduction en français des paroles pour Sua Cara par Major Lazer feat. Actriţa şi cântăreaţa legendară Carol Channing, care a ajutat la definirea epocii de aur a Broadway-ului , în musicalurile „Bună Dolly!” și „Domnii preferă blondele”, a murit la vârsta de 97 de ani. César Banana Pueyrredón Con La Música de Dios en el Corazón (Parte II) ℗ Leader Music Released on: 2010-04-27 Auto-generated by YouTube. Handel began to compose operas in Hamburg, where he spent the years 1703–06; his principal influences were Johann Mattheson and Reinhard Keiser. L’ultima luna Bravi! Almeno pensami, cantato da Ron (ma le parole e la musica sono di Lucio Dalla) è il pezzo più bello di questo Sanremo. Aldo Banfi: tastiere. Goffredo and Eustazio are shocked at Rinaldo's impulsiveness and believe that he has deserted their cause. As Goffredo sings of the coming victory, Rinaldo declares his love for Almirena, and Goffredo confirms that she will be Rinaldo's bride when Jerusalem falls. Hanover, Düsseldorf and London", "Festival Opera Gives Fine Account of Handel's, "Handel with care: Zurich 'Rinaldo' set in airport", 1711 libretto in Italian, prepared by, Chrysander's 1874 version of the 1711 score, International Music Score Library Project, Chrysander's 1894 version of the 1731 score, Agrippina condotta a morire or Dunque sarà pur vero, The Ways of Zion Do Mourn / Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline, Sing Unto God/Anthem for the Wedding of Frederick, Prince of Wales,, Cultural depictions of Godfrey of Bouillon, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with International Music Score Library Project links, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz work identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [14] Handel's music was relatively unknown in England, though his reputation from Agrippina was considerable elsewhere. The former Royal Academy of Music Principal, Curtis Price, writes that the popularity of these pieces was the result of a deliberate strategy aimed at the suppression of English opera. Il cantautore eseguirà Cara, brano dell’amico Lucio Dalla. Ron, un disco in onore di Lucio Dalla: "Cantare le sue canzoni, ogni volta è un'emozione nuova" Basta iniziare ad ascoltare l'album, Lucio II, con la prima canzone Cara cantata da Ron e … Listen to music from CaraTaranta like Roca, Canzone salentino & more. The music was, in the words of historian Donald Jay Grout, "tinged with the serious, heavy formality of Lutheran Germany". View the profiles of people named Cara Canto. Suddenly Goffredo and Eustazio arrive, but as they touch the garden with their wands it disappears, leaving them all on an empty plain with the city of Jerusalem visible in the distance. Seguono aneddoti sulla loro amicizia. [59], It is suggested by Robert Hume in a biographical sketch of, See, for example, Anna Menichetti in the line notes to Nuova Era recording 6813/14, 1991, "Handel, George Frideric: 4. Apart from the overture, instrumental numbers were omitted, as were the recitatives. Check out Canto in re (Sa cara mia Dea) by Gianni Denanni & Antonio Porcu & Tore Matzau on Amazon Music. In 1993 David Kimbell, for the Hallische Händel-Ausgabe (HHA), produced a full score of the 1711 version, together with rejected draft material and the additional numbers introduced in revivals up to 1717. Si differenzia dal premio Record of the year perché questultimo premia il cantante e coloro che hanno collaborato nella realizzazione del brano. [25], The music, Lang says, flows "beguilingly" from the spacious overture; the quieter, emotional passages are illustrated evocatively, while in the more spectacular moments Handel's innovative use of brass is exciting and inspiring. [27] In November 1715 a version mainly in German was performed in Hamburg. The manuscript bears numerous notes and corrections in Handel's hand, and was possibly the basis for the substantial revisions which he effected in 1731. Swiftly resuming her own form, Armida denounces his infidelity and vows vengeance. In questa pagina a lei dedicata tratterò solamente le canzoni cantate in italiano salvo qualche piccolissima eccezione. The libretto was prepared by Giacomo Rossi from a scenario provided by Aaron Hill, and the work was first performed at the Queen's Theatre in London's Haymarket on 24 February 1711. Il Grammy per la canzone dellanno è uno dei quattro Grammy Awards più prestigiosi che premia coloro che si occupano del testo e del sound di un brano di un determinato artista. Revised versions followed in 1717 and 1731 to reflect the changes introduced in those years; Rossi is believed to have prepared the Italian additions and revisions, with the 1731 English credited to "Mr. Humphreys". Nella serata di venerdì sul palco le indimenticabili note di 'Cara', cantata da Ron Eventi. Dei due brani sarà Buongiorno amore a conquistare la finale. Rinaldo (HWV 7) is an opera by George Frideric Handel, composed in 1711, and was the first Italian language opera written specifically for the London stage. Meanwhile, Rinaldo is brought before the triumphant Armida. Renewed interest in baroque opera during the 20th century led to the first modern professional production in Handel's birthplace, Halle, Germany, in 1954. [46], The amount of recycled music in Rinaldo is such that Dean and Knapp call it an "anthology" of the best works from Handel's Italian period. Nine days after the premiere the Lord Chamberlain's Office revoked the impresario's licence. SYLVIE VARTAN. Ron, un disco in onore di Lucio Dalla: \"Cantare le sue canzoni, ogni volta è un'emozione nuova\" Basta iniziare ad ascoltare l'album, Lucio II, con la prima canzone Cara cantata da Ron e Fiorella Mannoia, per capire che il tempo può anche passare, le mode cambiare, i suoni mutare, ma le canzoni di Lucio Dalla non sono destinate a subire le ingiurie degli anni. E' uscito il 26 aprile "Lucio!! She departs in a fury. 13-02-2018 Diminuzioni su Cara la vita mia di Giaches de Wert . In act 3 the marches and the battle scene are cut; Armida and Argante remain unrepentant and vanish in a chariot drawn by dragons before the conclusion. As he demands that Almirena be set free, Armida finds herself drawn to his noble spirit, and declares her love. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from CaraTaranta. With Goffredo are his brother Eustazio, his daughter Almirena, and the knight Rinaldo. Ron raggiunge il palco e si becca le inevitabili battute sulla sua pettinatura. The Christians pull guns on the Muslims at a signing ceremony". Watch Queue Queue (Da Oceania/Colonna Sonora Originale) Artist Fabrizio Vidale; Writer Disney Oceania- Tranquilla Musica Video Italian Cartoon World Channel.Loading OCEANIA - Tutte le clip dal nuovo film Disney - Duration: 3:21 [15] Hill was determined to exploit to the full the opportunities for lavish spectacle afforded by the theatre's machinery; his aim, according to Dean and Knapp, was "to combine the virtuosity of Italian singing with the extravagance of the 17th century masque".[18]. (Duet, Armida and Rinaldo), "Dunque i lacci d'un volto" (Accompanied recitative, Armida), "Vo' far guerra, e vincer voglio" (Armida), "Or la tromba in suon festante" (Rinaldo), Act 1: "Sorte amor vuol che quest'alma" (Argante), Act 2: "Vieni, o caro, che senza il suo core" (Almirena), Act 3: "Pregio è sol d'un alma forte" (Argante), Act 1: "Quel cor che mi donasti" (Almirena), Act 2: "Per salvarti, idolo mio" (Argante), Act 3: "Orrori menzogneri" (accompanied recitative, Rinaldo), This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 15:49. This production, based on a translation by the playwright Barthold Feind, proved to be very popular and was revived in the city on numerous occasions during the 1720s.

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